About The Company

Ocean Therapy Potions formulates and blends essential oils into a carrier oil, based on the oil's properties to create a specific effect. We only use all natural products, never will any of our products contain artificial scents or colors.

Michella Noll Bowman – Co-Founder, General Business and Operations Manager

For most of her life, Michella has struggled with nasal allergies, sinusitis, and food sensitivities. Recently, Michella’s food sensitivities became worse and she was also diagnosed with asthma. Although Michella has always avoided harsh chemicals, perfumes, and other irritants, her asthma diagnosis has made her increase her efforts in living a clean, natural, chemical and preservative free lifestyle. Michella’s problem, however, was finding ways to achieve this new lifestyle. Michella found a wonderful mentor when she met Karen McDuffie. Michella met Karen when Karen moved to Oak Island after marrying Michella’s neighbor. The two quickly and easily became friends. Not only did Karen share Michella’s goals of living a clean and natural lifestyle, but also had many years of experience in achieving these goals. The main facet of Karen’s natural living was the use of essential oils. Soon, Karen was teaching Michella all about the benefits of essential oils. Michella was so impressed with the benefits of essential oils that she asked Karen if she wanted to sell essential oil products in the area craft fairs so other people can benefit from essential oils. Thus, Ocean Therapy Potions was born!

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Michella and her husband moved to Oak Island to be closer to family and to escape the cold, snowy winters of Ohio. Michella has a background in retail store management before moving to human resource management. Later, Michella became a lawyer and mediator focusing on human rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Michella and her husband enjoy boating, fishing, riding their ATV’s, and, of course, anything dealing with the beach!

Karen McDuffie – Co-Founder, Product Development and Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Kansas City, Karen has always been considered an earthy person. When her first of three children was born, she took earthy to a whole new level. She used cloth diapers and made her own baby food from organic fruits and veggies. In an effort to minimize the use of prescription drugs with her children, Karen turned to holistic remedies. Her favorite has always been essential oils and she has continued to use oils over many years. Karen was thrilled when she met David, the love of her life. She left Kansas and moved to NC to be with him and the two were married barefoot on the beach. Karen loves the salt water and swears that it has therapeutic properties for mind and body. An additional benefit of coastal living was meeting a true and dear friend, Michella. As Karen continued to use essential oils for herself in the battle with menopause she shared some potions with Michella when her allergies flared up. Soon the two women were up to their elbows in oils. In an attempt to share the benefits of the oils with others, the two created Ocean Therapy Potions.

Karen has worked with hospice since she received her Master’s degree in social work in 2002. Karen is passionate about her work, family, friends, healing, and of course, the Earth!

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