What Is Essential Oil?

Essential oil is the concentrated essence of various flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants using steam distillation, solvent extraction, or expression methods of processing. For centuries, essential oils were used not only for perfume, but also for medicinal purposes. In today’s modern world, the power of essential oils was all but forgotten as the new age of chemicals was developed to create a “better” and scientifically proven product. Many modern scientific research studies, however, have shown that essential oils can be as good as or better than many commercial products. Modern studies have also shown essential oils have powerful medicinal properties. Oregano essential oil, for example, can act as an antiseptic that is twenty-six times more powerful than phenol, a common ingredient in cleansing materials.

The natural properties of essential oils is the main benefit of using essential oils in the home and for therapeutic use. Unlike chemicals, essential oils do not emit toxins in the air or remain in the body. Essential oils can be used in several ways, such as in cooking, gardening, for pets, eliminating pests, and in first aid. For therapeutic use, essential oils are best used through body absorption (body sprays, massage oils, etc.), aroma therapy (room sprays, candles, diffusers, etc.), and water absorption (baths and showers). Some of our products are made purely for aroma therapy, like Happiness, Summer Fun, Fall, and Christmas, while others are made more for therapeutic use, like After The Party, The Change, and Energizing.

About Our Oils

Not all essential oils are the same. Many oil producers, unfortunately, take short cuts to cheapen the oils because making pure essential oil can be expensive. These short cuts not only damage the reputation and authenticity of the essential oil market, but, more importantly, hurt the consumer. This is why Ocean Therapy Potions only use certified pure essential oils through reputable producers of NOW Foods and Bulk Apothecary. Both of these essential oil providers have decades long experience in providing the highest and consistent quality of essential oil.

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