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INFUSION Tea N°608 - Inner Peace

INFUSION Tea N°608 - Inner Peace

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‎Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that originated in India. This Ayurvedic-inspired herbal tea is inspired by ancestral methods. Here, find all the soothing benefits of chamomile, licorice and fennel, combined with the aromatic power of cinnamon and pink pepper. A mixture as surprising as relaxing.

Ingredients: Spearmint, cinnamon sticks, hibiscus, licorice root, ginger, fennel, orange peel, cloves, chamomile, pink pepper, cardamom

Organic Product - Untreated - Pesticide-free, fungicide-free and chemical-free. No dye or preservatives

Prepared and packaged by hand in France

Brewing Temperature: 212 degrees     Brewing Time: 7-10 mins‎