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Aromatherapy For Grief & Trauma

Learn how Aromatherapy can help someone processing and healing from grief or trauma.

About this experience

Sorrow - Depression - Shock - Denial - Panic 

These are only a few descriptions of the emotional and physical responses to grief and trauma.  Usually, the effects of grief and trauma are deep seated and pervassive throughout one's emotional, pyschological, and physical well-being.  Aromatherapy is one proven method that can help off-set the body's responses to grief and trauma.

In this class, one will learn:

  • Exactly what grief and trauma are and are not
  • The types of trauma
  • The stages of grief and trauma
  • The body's responses to grief and trauma
  • What essential oils are best for each sympton of grief and trauma and why
  • How and when to apply these oils

Each participant will recieve a sample pack of various Aromatherapy blends and products to use at home.

This class is good for anyone personally expirencing grief or trauma or who knows someone experiencing grief and trauma, and for any professional who works with people expirencing grief and trauma, such as a massage therapist, social worker, nurse, etc.

Adults 18 years or older and minors 13 years and up with accompanying adult may attend.

**This class is pending CE approval from the NCBTMB

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Your Host

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Michella Noll Bowman is a professionally trained Certified and Licensed Holistic Aromatherapist and founder of Ocean Therapy Potions in Oak Island, NC. She has practiced therapeutic Aromatherapy for over 12 years. With several Aromatherapy certifications and countless hours of training and continuing education, Michella is dedicated to providing only the most up to date, science-based Aromatherapy education and products.