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Face Wash
Face Wash

Face Wash

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Gentle foaming face and body wash to clean and tone skin without over drying. Excellent for dry, sensitive, or problem skin.  Can also use to remove most types of make up.


Distilled Water, Organic Raw Shea Butter (Black) soap, Aloe, Vit. E oil, Lavender 40/42, Geranium Bourbon, and Lemon pure essential oils.


Use one or two pumps to wash face. Rinse. Can also be used as a hand, body, or hair wash. Shake periodically to maintain mix. If any soap remains in container, just add filtered water.


Keep away from eyes, children under 4, and pets. Harmful if swallowed. Stop use if skin irritation occurs. Consult physician if pregnant or nursing.

50ml or 250ml Foaming Pump Bottle